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   Feb 10

What Is A Pit Bull?

A pit bull type dog, first and foremost, is a dog. Like any dog they need love, shelter, good husbandry, exercise, leadership, training and a family to live a happy and balanced life. Pit bull type dogs share in part of America’s rich history. For a comprehensive explanation of the history of  pit bull types dogs, please check out BAD RAP’s page of this information. “Pit bull” type dogs are often mistaken as one specific breed themselves. They are not, instead they are a large group of dogs that share similar physical traits with a disparate genetic composition.

“What exactly is a pit bull? Pit bull is not a breed or even a breed mix. Many rescues and advocacy groups define a ‘pit bull’ as any one of the following breeds: American Pit Bull terriers (APBT), American Staffordshire Terrier (ASt) and Staffordshire Bull Terriers (SBT). Some groups include American Bullies, while others do not. Of those, only the ASTs and the BSTs are breeds recognized by the American Kennel Club. Other groups, including the general public and the media, tend to use the term loosely. For them the term “pit bull” is applied to an ever-expanding group of dogs that includes the breeds just mentioned, any of those breeds mixed with another dog and/or any dog with a certain look to him. This look varies depending on who you ask and the appearance can vary tremendously.”

Cited from Pit Bull and Pit Bull Type Dogs
Author: Melissa McDaniels
Curious about what actual pure breeds that make up the group referred to as pit bull?  Go to actual breed information here:
American Pit Bull Terrier:

American Staffordshire Terrier:

Staffordshire Bull Terrier:





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