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   Dec 08


Our very first Positive Pit Bull story from Trish, one of our regular bully walkers, about her wonderful Tucker Roo and his recent heroic actions:

This is Trish, I am Tucker Roo McPimpenstein’s mom, and I’m writing because I want to tell you how Proud of my little Hero I am! Tucker Roo and I live in a houseboat, on the river on Hayden Island. We were on our way home from our first walk of the day, walking along the dock towards home, when Tucker Roo, who has been trained to walk right by my thigh~ broke away and Ran to the edge of the dock, then ran back to me, then back to the edge of the dock, three or four times, barking his head off and pawing at the edge of the wood. (Tucker hardly Ever barks!) He was totally pulling a Lassie, and didnt stop until I went over to the edge to see what he was so excited about, thinking it was a beaver… but there was a DOG In the river, holding on with every bit of his strength to a log coming out from under another houseboat!!

Tucker sat down as soon as I saw what was wrong, and waited while I ran to try to pull the dog out on my own, but he was almost as big as Tucker Roo, And soaking wet~ I wasnt strong enough to do it alone, so I banged on the door of the houseboat the log was attached to, and started screaming “Somebody Help us!!” Just as I was pulling my phone out of my pocket and getting ready to get into the river hoping I could Push the poor baby back up to the dock, the owner of the houseboat came out and followed my voice to the side of his house, where I had hold of the old dogs paws~ We got him out of the river together, and Tucker never moved from the spot he was waiting for me til I came back for him!

The poor dog was 13 years old, half blind and mostly deaf~ his name is Barney :) and he just accidentally fell in the river, and nobody noticed he was gone~ Poor baby, who knows How long he was in there! He was Freezing cold and never made a single sound the whole time this was going on from start to finish, but the look he gave us when he was back on solid ground spoke volumes. I am SO PROUD of My Tucker Roo!! He’s My HERO!! ~♥~ :)

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