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   Apr 28

Pit Bull Friendly Properties Page

Today it is increasingly difficult to find pit bull friendly properties to rent.  This page is meant to be a resource for people looking for pit bull friendly properties as well as how to help increase one’s chance of getting into a previously anti-pit bull rental property with a pit bull.  While we would never advocate lying or trying to fool a potential landlord it might be more helpful when calling property management firms or potential landlords if the conversation regarding dogs was started by asking what the pet policy is rather than asking flat out if pit bulls are allowed.  Sometimes how a conversation is begun affects the end result.


  • You can find useful information on the Humane Society of the United States website Resources page listing links to rental properties all over the country.
  • Here’s a website that allows you to look for an apartment all over the country, apply and get approved on line called the Rent Cafe.
  • BADRAP  has a wonderful website article ‘Renting With Your Dog‘ listing tips on how to best approach seeking a rental property with a pit bull so as to best increase your chance of being approved.
  • This listing doesn’t specifically state whether or not there are any pit bull restrictions however it may be a good place to begin a search for a rental property that at least allows dogs and what the weight limit, if any, is.  Try Portland Pooch.
  • Always a great resource for all things pit bull related Stubby’s Heroes has just launched a new page on their website that gives a lot of wonderful tips and suggestions for getting your pit bull type dog into a rental property that may have some restrictions or may be leaning toward not accepting you as a renter because you have a dog that looks like it could be a pit bull.
  • Some points to remember:  When looking for a residential rental property with your pit bull if you have ‘companion dog’  or ‘service dog’ letter from your doctor it is illegal for them to discriminate against your dog regardless of breed.  If you have obtained a Canine Good Citizen certificate for your dog it may help to mention this when discussing possibly renting with a potential landlord or a property management firm.


American Disabilities Act Information

When refused being rented to on the basis of the breed of your dog or when being threatened with eviction on the basis of the breed of your dog there are some options open to people who’s dogs are a source of comfort and companionship.  One of the options is to make your dog a companion animal or an emotional support animal and under those conditions no one can legally discriminate against you because of the kind of dog that you have.

Here are some links to information about what qualifications there are and how to accomplish this:

Fair Housing Council of Oregon
National Service Animal Registry
Emotional Support Animal Center
The Dogtor (Online Emotional Support (Approval and Perscriptions)


Local Pit Bull Friendly Homeowners and Renters Insurance Agencies

Spencer Lund – Insurance Agent
Spencer Lund is a pit bull lover who also happens to be a Farmer’s Insurance Agent.  Spencer can help you obtain coverage as a pit bull owner in regard to home owners and renters insurance and will fight for your right to have a pit bull as a responsible dog owner.

Lisa Parks – Insurance Agent
Lisa Parks insurance agent represents State Farm Insurance which we’ve been advise does not write breed restrictions into their homeowners or renters insurance.  So for another option for your homeowners or renters insurance please contact Ms. Parks’ agency.


Pit Bull Friendly Residential Rental Properties List:

The Portland Pit Bull Project would love to have a list of all of the pit bull friendly properties to be had here in the Portland Oregon metropolitan area however as it is such a daunting and time consuming task we haven’t done so yet.  However we’d like to begin a list here as we find rental properties that do not discriminate against pit bulls.

(If you know of any property rental agencies, apartments, condo’s or homes that do not discriminate against pit bulls please send the information to us at so they can be added to this list.)

  1. Heather Falls Apartments in Vancouver, Washington.  Phone: (360) 993-0648
  2. Birch Creek Apartments in Beaverton, Oregon.  Phone:  (503) 641-7598
  3. Palisades Property Management in Portland, Oregon area.  Phone:  503-245-3087
  4. Anchor Northwest Properties in Portland Oregon.  Phone: 503-726-7220 ~ Fax 503-726-7240 (NOTE:  We have been informed that ALL of the properties this agency manages are pit bull friendly and all they require is to meet the dog.)
  5. Columbia Apartments off NE Sandy Blvd. accepts bully breeds. They just want to meet the dog.








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