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   Jan 19

Coast to Coast Bully Walk

The Coast to Coast Bully Walk Project/Event was started in March of 2012 by Portland Pit Bull Project co-founder Cheryl Huerta in an effort to inspire, encourage, motivate and support people across the United States and globally to coordinate Bully Walks in their area as a way to help the public experience themselves who the majority of pit bull owners are and what kind of dogs the majority of pit bulls are because they are owned by responsible human beings.  This project/event was started specifically to get as many Bully Walks going around the country on 2012’s National Pit Bull Awareness Day as possible.   However the project/event lives on and today exists as a place for people to go to share their events and to inspire others to have their own bully walk or pit bull related events.

Visit the Coast to Coast Bully Walk Facebook page and see how many people from around the globe are coordinating their own bully walks.

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