The Portland Pit Bull Project

Promoting responsible dog ownership

   Apr 06

Buy Pit Bull Gear

On this page we want to help promote companies that provide pit bull related products whether they be for humans or our dogs.


THE PORTLAND PIT BULL PROJECT STORE ON ZAZZLE: We created our own store on Zazzle, a website where you can customize thousands of products to suit your tastes and needs. In our store you can purchase items we have designed for our store or create new items with our logo on them. Any and all proceeds from any sales in our advocacy store page on Zazzle go directly to a local pit bull rescue.

ANIMALSHIRTS.NET: If you love animals of any and all kinds you’ll love this shopping experience. They offer cotton shirts of 100% organic material, top shelf workmanship and beautiful designs. We have purchased from them and can testify to the quality of the product.

THE ANIMAL RESCUE SITE: Pit bull related items and items for all kinds of animals are offered by this site that raises money for the care of shelter animals.

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