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   Dec 07

Bully Walk

Once a month The Portland Pit Bull Project hosts a gathering of dog lovers and their dogs to bring awareness of BSL (Breed Specific Legislation) that unfairly targets certain dogs based upon appearance, to show the public what the ‘typical’ pit bull type dog and it’s owner is like and to give dogs an activity that they normally crave–walking together as a pack.

We have five simple guidelines:

1. NO FACING OFF: Please help your dog(s) greet other dogs with respect by observing simple ‘dog rules’ of meeting. Allow nose sniffing and then the obligatory butt sniffing while remaining calm and attentive yourself. Our dogs know whether or not we are comfortable with them meeting other dogs so we must not allow meetings with other dogs unless we are comfortable with it. Please do not keep a taut leash while your dog is greeting/meeting other dogs (remember that dog fighters use this method of keeping the leash taut and pulling back while dogs face off in order to get their dogs into a fighting mindset). Please don’t ever assume that someone else wants their dog to meet yours so please be polite and make sure to ask permission before allowing your dog to meet/greet another dog.


3. RED BANDANNAS FOR ‘DOG SENSITIVE’ DOGS: Dogs known or believed to be anxious when around other dogs are to wear a red bandanna to let others know to respect your dog’s space.

4. PICK UP AFTER YOUR DOG: If you don’t have poop bags we have them. Just see one of the advocacy members at the walk to get some.

5. NO SMOKING: We ask all of our bully walkers who smoke to please avoid smoking in close proximity to the bully walkers during the meet-up, the walk and after walk cool down. We make no judgment as to whether or not smoking is acceptable but do not want to promote it either as our walks are a family event. Thank you for understanding.

Although our advocacy actively supports adopting from local shelters and rescues we welcome ALL dogs, regardless of origin or breed type, to walk with us in support of pit bulls and bully type dogs.

Check here for details on our next scheduled Bully Walk.

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