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   Dec 08

Unfair behavioral test being used to destroy dogs

From an article here, they provide a video showing a dog named “Dusty” that is declared aggressive for its behavior. Here’s an excerpt from the article:

As you watch the video you’ll note tht the dog happily walked in the evaluation room with the animal control officer with the lead. Then, when being stroked by the (clearly) fake hand, the dog shows clear play signals with the hand. The dog showed no aggression when the food bowl was placed in front of it and removed multiple times, and play bowed to the fake doll (and upon the doll’s continued approach showed signals of avoidance). The dog jumped up on the stranger at first, but not in an aggressive manner. In a separate video, you can see the excitement with which Dusty met another dog (keeping in mind that this is a high-stimulous environment as you can clearly hear a lot of dog barking in the background.

Dr. Houpt declared Dusty aggressive and recommended killing Dusty because of his “lack of any useful purpose and public safety threat (he) poses”.

There are many shelters and rescue groups across the country that use biased behavioral “testing” as an excuse to destroy otherwise harmless dogs. Please read the rest of the article, and sign the petition.

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