The Portland Pit Bull Project

Promoting responsible dog ownership

   Feb 10




The Portland Pit Bull Project is dedicated to bringing awareness in the Portland Oregon area about pit bulls specifically and bully breeds in general. Our goal as an advocacy is to help the public better understand that this breed type, and the several breed types typically identifed as pit bulls, are capable of being safe and loyal family pets. While we recognize that the goal of some breeders has been strength, tenacity and confidence we assert that there is so much more to the breed type.

Our goal is to show the public, through our monthly Bully Walks, our Pit Bull Education booths at local community events and other means, that when the finer characteristics of the breed are nurtured the result is a family-oriented dog that is safe around all other living things. We endeavor to do all that we can to support local pit bull rescues and shelters that take in and adopt out pit bull type dogs. In addition one of our main goals is to promote responsible dog ownership by supporting various methods of dog obedience training/handling, proper veterinary care and spaying/neutering.

Within this website you will find accurate information about the breed type, about it’s proper care and handling, as well as links to other sites providing information about rescue and adoption efforts in our area and around the country.

Thank you for joining us in promoting responsible dog ownership and helping us educate the public about pit bull type dogs in an effort to dispel the myths perpetuated by the news media.

With Sincerest Regards,
The Portland Pit Bull Project

Cheryl Huerta – Co-founder & President
Katie Williams – Co-founder
Trish Jordan – Vice President
Amanda Maitland – Treasurer
Jeanette Strachan-Neil – Events Coordinator
Jeanie Schulz – Behavior Consultant
Darryl Huerta Sr. – Photographer